Know your neighbourhood

Decisions such as where to live, invest or set up a business require a detailed insight of the local neighbourhood. StreetProfile is a clever piece of technology we are building that provides this insight through an intuitve web interface.

About StreetProfile

StreetProfile is a subscription based website that enables you to build detailed views of neighbourhoods using data relevant to you.

We provide comprehensive data including demographic, crime, services, infrastructure, and travel time in a wonderfully visual, interactive, personal interface that’s easy to use, allowing you to make more effective comparisons and better decisions to reduce the risk, time and effort you need to increase your returns.

We need your help

We are conducting a short survey on the factors that drive property investment decisions. The results will be used to shape our exciting and revolutionary new service for investors and property owners.


For every survey completed we will donate £1 to Shooting Star CHASE Children’s Hospice.

Currently in Development

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